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Our  Story

Gramco Bouw BV today is the result of a long journey. Gramco Bouw BV has been established in the Netherlands to serve its clients with the best experience and quality that has been obtained from over than 10 years of experience.

It all started in 2012 with a small size managed and employed by one person. This company was known as MWC that was specialized in the field of Waterproofing, isolation & insulation. Over the years, MWC began dealing with big projects and more sophisticated jobs. As clients witnessed the managing power of our company as well our determination for perfection, they started to ask for taking care of the jobs as a full package starting from Demolition, plumbing, electric works, plastering followed by our specialty and terminated at the end by screed application tiling and painting even in aluminum works in terrace jobs for example.

With time our team bigger and bigger, more organized and our reputation was the best in the market and our establishment had to get bigger, so we can expand and continue serving our customers in the same manner and even better. In 2017, we established Gramco Sarl and our first Job for this company was renovating a store and converting it into a pub. The shop was in a disastrous shape and the result with tight budget of the client, the result was amazing. Which was somehow a good advertisement. Our next Job was a gym Barbel House which was a big hit. These were followed by office's renovation buildings, a resort then followed by renovation of high-end apartments & Mansions. Gramco handled the projects from designing, demolition until furnishing and key turning.

We covered All types of jobs such as KNX systems, electric wiring, panel building, we worked on pools, sauna room, steaming room & fountains, heating systems (radiators system &/or floor heating), cooling systems (VRV with concealed fan system) which all was connected to the KNX systems and in some cases with the addition of a Control 4 system. Gramco’s team installed big sized Marble Tiles (300 cm x 200 cm), open book bathrooms marble, sinks, Jacuzzi and much more. Our wood finishing was impeccable, which gave beautiful spirit to our projects. Our clients were amazed and happy.

All of this was possible because of our dedication to perfection and the intensive management in which we organized and followed up with all our teams and subcontractors. Our management method was to let our employees & subcontractors see the bigger picture (satisfy our clients by all means and work by the best standards possible) which helped reach our goal.

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